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Our Students

Current HPL student and Clinical Technician at UCSF Nauvanie Xavier talks about why she chose this master’s degree, her experience with fellow students so far and her Capstone Project: Regulation of the health care workforce and patient safety.


Current HPL student and Health Policy Specialist at Elation Health Leona Rajaee talks about why she chose this master’s degree, her experience with fellow students so far and her Capstone Project: If Direct Primary Care has an affect on the cost, quality and access to primary care.

The Timeliness of the HPL Degree

Greggory Cochran serves as Lecturer in Law on the UC Hastings faculty and is a member of the UC San Francisco/UC Hastings Consortium on Law, Science & Health Policy, serving as associate director of the Consortiumā€™s Health Policy and Law Degree (HPL). Watch an online information session where Cochran talks about the numerous job opportunities, the state of health care in the U.S. and much more.


Watch a previously recorded informative presentation on the End of Life Option Act. Speakers Sarah Hooper, J.D., and Lael Duncan, M.D., discuss the common myths about the act’s implementation, address the status of institutional policy development around California and discuss research data from the Oregon/Washington experience. The Master’s of Science in Health Policy and Law from UCSF and UC Hastings College of the Law will help you impact legislature in the future.


Learn about the UCSF and UC Hastings College of the Law new online degree, Masters of Science in Health Policy and Law. This new degree connects medical practitioners with legal professionals to create a dynamic learning environment. Learn to critically assess legal, policy and social challenges affecting the U.S. health care system.


Watch a recorded online information session where we discuss the origination of the Health Policy and Law degree, what students can do post-degree and the application process.

An Inside Look Into the Curriculum

With the fully online Masters of Health Policy and Law, you can study whenever, wherever to fit your busy schedule. PeekĀ inside the online learning interface and see how this degree can prepare you for numerous healthcare positions.

Health Policy and Law master’s degree co-director Jaime King talks about current students’ Capstone Project and the varied topics they can take. She also recounts how students are paired with mentors and have access to numerous sources to bring their Capstone Project to life and implementation.


Watch associate director and faculty member Gregg Cochran talk about the academic experience in the HPL master’s degree. From taking courses online to working on capstone projects to the engaging discussions our students are enjoying, Cochran paints a picture of learning in the online HPL environment.


Take a sneak peak into what you’ll learn in the UCSF/UC Hastings College of the Law Masters of Science in Health Policy and Law. Professor Gregg Cochran gives an overview of the nation’s health care system and the laws that underlie how health care is provided.

How to Apply


Enrollment advisers Mariam Rahimi and Ashley Clemens break down the application process and provide tips on how to ask for letters of recommendation, craft your statement of purpose and come up with ideas for your capstone project.

Applications are currently not being accepted.