Dr. Jaime King provides Congressional statement

Video image of the Congressional hearingOn July 17, 2018, Dr. Jaime King offered a statement and testimony at a Congressional hearing to examine state laws and policies that improve transparency of health care costs for consumers and the impact that they had on consumers. King provided witness testimony alongside Dr. Michael Chernew, Professor at Harvard Medical School’s Department of Health Care Policy.

In her testimony, Dr. King said, “Congress, more than any other entity, has the ability to address the most significant barriers to price transparency in health care and maximize the tremendous untapped potential of existing state initiatives, in particular APCDs. To do so, Congress should narrow ERISA preemption to exclude state health reform efforts that do not unduly burden ERISA‚Äôs goal of uniformity for employer-based benefit plans, while also granting states sufficient flexibility to achieve their health reform goals.”

You can watch the entire proceedings; Dr. King’s five-minute testimony begins at 40:30.


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