Top Master’s in Healthcare Administration cites focus, knowledge application and flexibility as key factors

We are proud to announce that our master’s degree has been awarded the Number One Best Masters in Health Policy Online from Top Master’s in Healthcare Administration.

“The healthcare industry is growing more complex every day, and nowhere is that more evident than in the field of health care policy,” according to the ranking website. “Many businesses are now turning to health policy experts to help them interpret regulations like those outlined in the Affordable Care Act (a notoriously long bill that included thousands of pages of documentation). So if you want job security and a set of in-demand skills, earning a master’s degree in health law and/or policy will practically guarantee that you meet your goals.”

The rankings are based on the following criteria:

Focus on law and policy: Programs were awarded points based on the portion of the curriculum specifically devoted to topics in health care policy, law, ethics and economics. This figure ranged from just a few classes to 100 percent of the curriculum.

Application of knowledge: Programs earned points for providing some sort of synthesis/experiential requirement, such as a seminar or internship. For this ranking, the ranking site favored schools with intensive but flexible options (such as an online research project or a practicum that students can complete through their current employer).

Program flexibility: This includes features like versatile scheduling (part-time/full-time, as well as online/hybrid/weekend options), no or few on-campus commitments, and reasonable admissions standards (especially waiving the GRE requirement).

To a limited extent, the site also considered overall tuition costs.

Choosing our Health Policy and Law master’s degree as the Number One program, the site has this to say:

“When it comes to health care policy and law, the University of California San Francisco hits the nail right on the head. The school’s one- to two-year M.S. in Health Policy and Law boasts a curriculum nearly unparalleled in strength and relevance, with classes like ‘How to Evaluate Policy-Relevant Research’ and ‘U.S. Healthcare System and the Law.’ As a student, you’ll even be able to choose between separate Policy and Law Tracks, depending on whether you’re more interested in advanced policy analysis, program evaluation, and econometrics or advanced legal research and institutional compliance. One added bonus? Submitting your GRE scores to this top masters in health policy online program is completely optional!”