We’ve visualized the data from our HPL cohort. Learn more about the backgrounds of HPL graduates and how the program has impacted their career trajectories.

A Look At Our HPL Graduates

Why HPL?

Our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds. The broad and practice-based curriculum allows them to gain the education they need to succeed-whether that’s changing careers or advancing in their current role.

Reasons for enrolling in HPL: Career change (16.25%), Career advancement (28.75%), Impact health policy (55%)

Meeting Expectations

After completing the degree, the majority of our graduates felt that the program fulfilled their reason for applying.

94% of our graduates say that completing the HPL degree has helped them meet their goals.

How has your role or position changed since completing this degree?

Student quote: I moved into a more strategic role. I now work with executive leadership helping to implement strategic initiatives such as organizational structure changes, new service offerings (Medi-Cal) and geographic growth.

Second student quote: I studied international relations in undergrad. I wanted to work in policy, specifically in health care. Having a UCSF diploma along with the Health Law Specialization has helped greatly.

What is your current job title?

  • Senior Research Fellow
  • Senior Business Process Manager
  • Program Associate
  • Medical Student
  • Analyst
  • Director, Post-Acute Programs
  • Founder
  • Consultant
  • Project Manager
  • Assistant Director
  • Senior Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Director

Prepared to Improve Our Health Care System

After completing the degree, our graduates can be found in various health care-related fields.

Position by descending order of percentage:

  • Health care administration
  • Policy research/analyst
  • Health care provider
  • Legal
  • Biotech/pharmaceutical
  • Government

How are you incorporating what you learned into your work?

Student quote: I gained a much deeper understanding of the health care industry, particularly in California. I have a better understanding of Medi-Cal and Medicare. This has been immensely helpful in building our service offerings.

Second student quote: In learning to become an M.D., I approach many topic with a health policy/law perspective and question area for improvement.

Advancement Awaits

After receiving their master’s, our graduates saw a salary increase or professional advancement (or both).

80% of our graduates saw an increase in salary or were accepted into medical school.

Poll: How much did your salary increase? 1-5%: (50%), 16% and higher (50%).

Final Thoughts

Student quote: The HPL program without a doubt has made a significant impact on my career choice and trajectory. I would like to contribute to health policy in the future in addition to practicing clinical medicine.

Second student quote: The program taught me so much—which was personally enriching—and it helped me become more marketable to my current and future employers.

Third student quote: It is the culmination of my life’s work, helping me to put my vast experience into a new framework to make the lasting change I desire.

Fourth student quote: I’m really grateful to have been part of the HPL program because it provided me with the tools and knowledge to navigate the U.S. health care system and how to make impactful improvements as a future leader in medicine.