The latest healthcare news from The Source on Healthcare Price & Competition

The Source's executive editor Jaime S. King (left) and managing editor Anne Marie Helm

The Source’s executive editor Jaime S. King (left) and managing editor Anne Marie Helm

Your inbox and newsfeed are quite possibly teeming with articles on last night’s Oscars wins, snubs and flubs. And that’s on top of the news alerts about the latest changes in healthcare policy.

Your time is valuable—so here’s a breakdown of what made health news in the past month, courtesy The Source on Healthcare Price & Competition, a nonprofit website run by one of HPL’s founders.

Update: Order Blocking the Anthem-Cigna Merger
The District Court blocked the deal, citing concerns about the merger’s effect on competition in the market for insurance sold to national accounts. We highlight the most interesting aspects of the case and discuss the key issues involved in the order. Read more of this article.

New Publication: The Double-Edged Sword of Health Care Integration
Published by HPL co-founder and Source Executive Editor Jaime S. King and Erin Fuse, this article highlights how States can play a critical role in managing the risks and benefits of vertical integration in healthcare. While vertical integration theoretically reduces overuse and waste, it also poses risks to competition and consumer welfare, if left unregulated. Read more of this article.

Drug Money (Part 1): What Limits Competition in the Pharmaceutical Market?
In 2015, expenditures on prescription drugs rose faster than overall healthcare spending. Despite the growing momentum in favor or addressing the ever-increasing cost of drugs, untangling all the factors that contribute to pharmaceutical pricing will not be easy. Read more of this article.

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